Lab Testing with Alethium

Understand the steps to completing your lab testing order on Alethium.

The Process

  1. Decide how much product you need to send, the requirements are below.
  2. Package and label your samples. Each sample must be labelled with a batch number, this will form part of the Certificate of Analysis. You must also enclose the printed Order Form so that the lab know whose the samples are and what they need to test.
  3. If using logistics provided by Alethium, simply attach the label to the package and post as described on the logistics product you bought (they differ between options). If using your own logistics, please post to: Ambra SRL, Strada del Petriccio e Belriguardo 35, 53100 Siena, Italy.
  4. Results are delivered as PDF files to the email address on your account. If associated with a product listed on Alethium, this will be automatically updated and marked as 3rd Party Verified.

Associate the CoA with your Alethium listing

If the ‘Sample Name’ on the order form matches with a Product Name already listed on Alethium, we will automatically match it and the CoA will show on your product. It was also be marked as ‘3rd Party Verified’ and provide a higher positive impact to your Trust Score.

Sample Sizes

Cannabinoid Potency 3g

Heavy Metals 10g

Microbiology 25g

Pesticides 25g

Terpenes 3g

Solvent Residues 10g

Mycotoxins 10g

PAHs 10g

Dioxins & PCBs 10g

Phenols & Polyphenols 10g

Turnaround Time

Within 5 days of receipt of the sample.

Referral Bonus

We offer up to €150 in referral bonuses for new testing clients. Please email for more details and your referral code.